Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My school days are such a vale of suffering. Sometimes my community professor uses ebonics, which of course makes it impossible to learn! How dare people not all speak the same? And today in family systems, we had a guest professor who showed us a film, which thwarted the feminist aims of feminine women[ok, us who took a break to avoid seeing a clip from the Accused had a nice feminist conversation about how women deal with the ever present fear of rape, but apparently we are all men or something, I guess. No woman could actually think if femininity was critiqued! It's a sacred part of womanhood, don't you know? ] in which we learned that in the world of music videos, all women are interchangeable bots who spend all their time writhing in a state of undress, and in the rare occasions, they are dressed, are desperate to get undressed for any vaguely humanoid object. They are all either strippers, prostitutes, schoolgirls, rock audience members, dom girls, sub girls or nurses and teachers who are all desperate to get it on with young men. Thanks music videos for teaching me my place in the world!

Also, this guy from the VA or something came in and we had to stay after school to listen to him to get brownie points from our profs. He was doing some study about PTSD and the reaction of their brains on MRIs to threat words, but then he was forced to flee from Katrina, and somehow got to Memphis and never left. It sounds like a rough time ahead for our soldiers as more deployments seem to up the chance of PTSD and PTSD can last for decades.

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