Thursday, September 20, 2007

arrrgh! I'm not wearing black! *must find different things* *also notes that she feels more like taking to her bed than going to a rally, even if it is at the university of memphis*

*decided to go with the black cuff*

But seriously, this lady is right. I am tired all the time, but even I have a few minutes to post about the Jena 6, and to debate about whether to go to a rally about it or not.

Jena 6 front page news on Memphis news website. People acting racist in comments should be ashamed of selves. This is one of the most emailed columns right now.

Black blogger is on NPR about the Jena 6. Photos are shown and the protest is described in a caption as a 'civil rights march' w00t!

On the same show, a man who created an exhibit on lynching[that I saw] explains why it is not a good idea to hang nooses around.

Also, a Jena Six themed stupid.

According to anecdotal evidence[i.e. I looked around the campus], many people wore black shirts at the University of Memphis.

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