Saturday, September 22, 2007

I slept and my fatigue level went down.

There's always a guy who says "we're not racist" after a public racist incident. But the Jena 6 incident is the sort of institutional incident that shows that a bunch of people are racist. First, if you have to ask the principal if you can sit under the 'white' tree, that's more than one guy being a jerk. You need a large percentage of the student population to defend a whites only tree. Second, the nooses. They were dismissed as a 'prank' by some. Now to defend nooses as a prank takes a lot of balls. You have to be confident that you won't be shouted down by more sensible people, and that even the people who may not be paragons of racial sensitivity won't say "what the crap were you thinking? Nooses?!" Third, there's the whole white people get to beat up people, and don't go to jail. Black folks beat up people and go to jail. It takes more than just coinkydink to make that happen. It takes folks to think that pressing charges in school yard fights is appropiate, folks to give them overly high sentences,.etc.

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