Saturday, September 08, 2007

*shannon is irritable and has no sense of humor*. I really don't like sparkleponies not because of their personal habits, but because this whole mode of discourse is a great way to make 99% of women invisible. By toeing the line that says that real women are girly, don't have lives outside makeup and fucking[many women do in fact have hobbies.] , and can't make decisions based on facts or logic, but whether people are meaaan or not, you're NOT tearing down the dominant discourse about women. And I'm sick of that discourse. It's so narrow. I'm sick of the idea that women *should* be shaved, plucked, kinky, madeup or else they are somehow deviants who are oppressing 'normal' women. I'm sick of the idea that we can't hack away at a system that's shortening our lives, wasting our money, and fucking up our feet because some lady might have her feelings hurt.
I'm not responsible for someone else's level of personal development. If someone's upset by what I say, she should deal with it. She should explain why the women on the top of the ladder of the patriarchy: pretty, does the sort of sex you're supposed to do[i.e. performance, not enjoyment], thin, does all the grooming crap, comfortable enough to cut and cry because no one liked her mini - should be yet again be put in front of the rest of us in importance.

Note: what should be a good short name for people who want the status quo as far as women's roles if sparklepony is too mean? An added blog post. [note: many black women don't shave, and some of us *gasp* have nonstraight hair, we are all deviants that must be destroyed for the good of femininity! But note: one common discourse is that black women are bad because they aren't feminine enough. Yet another way that the patriarchy is intersecting with racism. ]

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