Monday, September 10, 2007

Man from Latino Memphis articulates why I hate the term illegals so much.

Don't use coffee enemas

We have some good Christian faux opppression in this thread. This piece gives a flavor of it. Poor Christians, people have the nerve to be offended when folks put random religious literature into unrelated packages! Woe is them!

*watching BBC world- seeing a old white woman having her arm pulled by a security guard disturbed me. *is watching a report on the surge*

*random people on LJ are oh noes, oppressed by feminists*

Pretty oppression time: maybe Britney was depressed and on drugs, but were all her wardrobe people on drugs? There are ways to have people dancing in their underwear that look better than that. But the guy from E is way too mean on Keith Olberman. Britney's not really fat. She looks fine, she just needs to actually dance and hire better wardrobe people.

I enjoy being sex negative as I don't like total strangers to touch my body. Yea, I don't even like random people hugging me or tapping my shoulder.

Hehhe, Hogwarts condoms.

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