Sunday, September 13, 2009

While I don't think doctors don't care about patients, I am laughing at the idea of brazilians before birth.

I'll tell you funny anecdotes about medical care now. Through medical care, I learned that one of my ears hears worse than the other, that 'no, that's not a normal color for pee', ultrasound paddles are really phallic, I'm really very allergic to grass, trees, and weeds, and that warm prune juice will really cure constipation.

In other news, any beauty thing that requires a mild anesthetic to be done will not be done. Why are girly things so painful? Waxing, high heeled shoes[especially those that don't respect the toe box], relaxing your hair, putting Nair on your armpits... Also, it's fun that women don't face greater dilemmas, such as give up your child to be a servant in the city so they can eat, or keep them with you, but risk they go hungry, or anything! Ha ha! We're so carefree!

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