Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'd like to say that you shouldn't make death threats against kids. That's just what I think. I bet his kid will grow up to be embarrassed that his dad was such a douche. No need to involve him. And maybe his wife is totally humiliated that her husband says dumb stuff on the internet, and doesn't need more people heaping coals on her head just because her husband is a cumstain? She can't control him, and yea, sometimes saying weird stuff on a blog is not exactly many people's criteria for divorce. Anyway, I'd like to speak up for people with mental disorders. I am often depressed and plus, I had a lot of bad anxiety after the 7/7 attacks, yet while I am often rude to other people, I don't ever threaten the lives of their children. Really, some people are just terrible people, ok?

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