Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Phrases that I hate:

"accused of racism"- Nothing bad is going to happen to you if people say you did something racist. Are the police going to arrest you? Is anything going to happen beside some white person who doesn't know the meaning of racism from a hole in the ground will say whatever you said or did wasn't racist? Bleh! Full of hate for this phrase which seems overly alarmist.

"cried racism"- this phrase is never used of a white person, because we know only people of color 'cry wolf' over racism. Yea, we're just making this all up! Just like women are always 'crying rape'. You know, maybe there's some deep cosmic connection between the two.

Like to me, it seems crazy that a woman would have her name dragged through the mud and have a large stressful trial on the off chance that some man would go to jail. So similarly, I don't see how someone would want to be insulted all sorts of ways on the offchance that a white person might feel vaguely sorry. Both phases seem to underestimate the sanctions that people get, and overestimate the rewards. Also, here's a related post on the same blog, but by Jill.

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