Saturday, July 08, 2006

Girlfriends: Ok, I was watching reruns of Girlfriends and a white doctor gets the black resident out of the room by yelling you only got in med school because of affirmative action. Everyone knows blacks are too stupid to be doctors. The ladies yelled aw, hell naw and the resident rushed out and strangled him.I laughed out loud. Why isn't this show on DVD?

But next episode: whoa on the idea that depression doesn't exist and folks who say they are depressed are just lazy. Although laziness isn't really that bad. I'm lazy, merely because of a huge aversion to doing boring meaningless tasks. Now, I can spend hours making a horrible comic or selling jewelry on the internet, but yea, I'm not going to be doing more than the bare miniumum of housework- because housework is soul destorying.

I wonder if this next episode about the lesbian baby shower is any good. Well, if not, we can always be glad that Grace updated.

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