Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stacey Dash from Clueless...NAKED! In Oh No They Didn't, a few are shocked, shocked, that she has PUBES! (not very much, but you can still see some)I'd joke that they'll be shocked when they get their first girlfriend, but I bet they are just pressuring them to shave it all off(because vaginas are UGLY! and plus, they are all dirty unless they fit a certain beauty standard! Because they don't say, self clean or anything). Other folks will also note the amazement that she is 40- I was amazed too, because I thought she was way younger as I remember her from Clueless which gives her a more youthful image.

Also, yet again, Paris Hilton isn't up to beauty standard (cootch warning) either. Note: your labia do not get loose and floppy after use. Women are just born with labia that look like that- some people's labia, yea, it looks different. My vulva is a bit darker, for example. But even if I slept with a whole football team every weekend, in fact it wouldn't look any different. Although my tips for Paris Hilton are threefold: 1)panties please! 2)the pussy shots are like Jane Mansfields' constantly slipping boobage(referenced in the book Pink Think) They may get publicity for a while, but as you get older, they can't keep your career going as everyone is like 'yawn, so this is pussy shot #499944' ? 3)Kegels. You'll thank me later.

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