Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Problems like this could be prevented earlier. In the United States, Sony didn't run the ads that were pulled, but they did run the offensive dust ball and squirrel ads. People are talking about how the hiring practices in the ad industry may be racist. So maybe you have one or two folks, who may or may not be the type to be like "You know, that's actually sort of racist"(they may be the type of person who believes in white supremacy, the type of person who doesn't want to speak up and not be considered the sort of person who 'fits',etc). And white folks- they think offending others for no reason is the bees knees. They take pride in being non PC(which is just manners applied to everybody). It's totally hip and edgy to offend everybody(like that annoying Mencia-beaners, my ass, aren't you half Hondurian? For some reason I don't think Mexicans are the main folks in the audience- it's the type of person who thinks saying beaner is edgy ) So take a culture with no respect for anybody, add in too few people to add in common sense, and you get bad ads.

Bonus: the assimilated negro on magazines.

Bonus rant: Why on the news when talking about gangs, they use random shots of black kids. What's the point?

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