Monday, July 11, 2005

A South Asian clothing store in the neighborhood near King's Cross

Right on! I'm sick and tired of people acting like all Muslims are somehow responsible for terror attacks. The same people who are living large off the proceeds of slavery and Jim Crow(I certainly don't think most of these whites who think they have so much 'merit' would have rose so high if they had more competition from other races) and proudly say I didn't own any slaves as if that means they can't fix the problems that are happening today, are always acting like Muslims, which is such a big category- we have Muslims from Africa, Muslims from America, Muslims that are rich, Muslims that are poor, somehow are voting on when there are terrorists attacks. I would bet money that there were Muslims affected by the London attacks. There seemed to be a good amount of Muslims in the surrounding area of King's Cross station to me. Those Muslims ride on the bus and on the tube like anyone else. I think some people need to attend to their own problems first before trying to condemn someone else.

As for my own self, I'm sure that I have had some part in the bad foreign policy that may be fueling the attacks. It is up to me to figure out my part in all this and fix it up instead of pretending that the evil Muslims just came out of nowhere and attacked. Although maybe they did, but it's seldom as simple as that. I come from the race in America that criticizes itself the most. I mean, here's a fellow (scroll down, 7th comment) who blames all the problems of Black America on the fact that my mom(who has a master's degree,BTW) said I don't gots to have me no shrimps. Because of course if we all spoke 'proper' English, hundreds of years of racism would disappear. Heck, I speak proper English most of the time, and will you give that memo to the white folks, because they still say racist ass stuff in front of me.

The people who are in control mostly blame themselves the least. And that needs to change. We need to reach out to the Muslims. We need to make sure that extreme elements can't get more recruits. And we can't do this with this whole bow down to me, the American, attitude.

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