Friday, July 08, 2005

In more obsessing about the terrorist attacks now I am worried that we'll start bombing someone else because on the radio in the internet cafe I am in someone said that these attacks proved why we needed to be in Iraq and yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom I was whining about what if there's another war. You can go to other people for informed commentary about the disaster, but right now I will use my blog for whinging about it. I may still whinge about it even when I get back to the US tommorow.

But I am glad I decided to use my mother as a point person. Because I called her at like 5 am central time I was able to get her to inform everyone I was fine. Apparently the study abroad office called everyone's home to tell them that we were safe and together. That was a lie then. One girl we couldn't get to. But now it is true, although some have left the country and are headed to the US as of now. The school is actually going to send vans around at the butt crack of dawn to get us to the airport. I'm glad. I'm so glad that they are going over budget to keep us safe.

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