Thursday, July 21, 2005

From feminste, I got ginmar's post on preventing rape. This reminds me of something that made me very angry on my study abroad trip. They were telling stories for some reason, and one story was of a girl who had been raped with a tampon in, and got an infection and people thought she had an STD. The girl telling the story said that the guy's girlfriend didn't know. I was quite outraged, and noted that I would have told. I mean, maybe I'm a bit naive, but I don't think I could stand to know a rapist and not tell. I could see if the girl telling the story was the girl raped, and our culture tells us that it's somehow shameful for the woman to be raped instead of for the man(which is bullshit). But as a friend, I think it's important to inform other women which men are rapists, and to encourage report of rape.

Sometimes I think there would be a whole lot less rape at colleges if we had less of that ehehe, I'm not a feminist stuff. I certainly don't think a certain frat that got kicked off campus would have been allowed to video tape themselves having sex and then show it to other people if people had spoken up more about it. I certainly don't think that guys would get the idea that it's ok to pretend they are taking a woman home and then bring them to their apartments for sex if we spoke up. That means men too, especially men.

I don't think that anyone is served by not speaking up. Sure, some people will be assholes, and yes, some women might lose their positions in society(i.e. campus cutie warning: humor) if they don't uphold the patriarchical structures that make those positions possible. But I'd rather some girl not be able to trade on sex appeal than have more rape.

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