Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More reactions, more good sense. But I can not deny that I enjoyed the whole Pink Floyd live on the radio thing. Nor the Who part. Famous rock stars are all well and good, but they are better at music than sustained political statements.

Also yesterday, someone in my group toasted the many who died so that we could play flip cup(someone else said who comes up with these games? someone else noted drunk people) and have Bob Dylan singalongs in England. Our professor was in favor of throwing some tea into the Thames, but no one wanted to waste good tea.

Also this post reminds me of one of my bizarre phobias. I hate people asking me what music I like. I am quite aware of how whatever I do, my musical taste will mark me as an asshole who doesn't deserve to live. I like Bob Marley? I must smoke tons of pot(I don't) or be a big black nationalist(OH NOES!), I like the Flaming Lips? I must be a snooty twat who is pretending to know about music. I like Curtis Mayfield? I don't remember any stereotypes attached to this one, but it must be bad. Nothing is more nervous making than knowing you'll be judged based on stuff that makes no sense whatsoever.

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