Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm still freaking out. I went near the King's Cross Station today and nearly burst into tears. Like the flags are half mast and the station is closed. I also can't go anyplace near where the bus exploded, even for free internet access. The girl we couldn't find yesterday returned at 9 pm. She said she wanted to go back home last night, but the guy was all sketchy and took her back to his place instead of to the dorm. Then she wanted to go back on the tube, but overslept(then again she wanted to go on the train to king's cross that blew up) and then tried to get on a bus but then they found a suspicious package and made everyone get off. Then she had to wait around at that guy's house, because even though one of the professors said they'd pay for a hotel if she felt uncomfortable, she couldn't find one. Also, she tried to get a taxi later, but they wouldn't go near our area just because of the terrorists, so she had to hop a bus.

I think one of the girls on our trip that actually saw it happen might talk to the newspapers at home. Luckily I dropped on the ground and was facing away and didn't see anything. I think one of our guys on this trip will have to shave his beard though. He's a nice Indian guy, but it's not like airport people or bus people know that. I don't know if I have the balls to go to the Tate Modern today.

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