Monday, July 18, 2005

Hugo talks about his body image. I have to admit that I don't exercise just because I find people who exercise so annoying. I can understand biking or walking for fun or to get somewhere, but once you go into going to the gym, or running, it just seems really stupid and pointless because where's the fun? You're doing pointless and boring things to fit into some impossible standard of beauty(don't lie to me and tell me you're doing it for yourself Yea right) . I don't like sports either because I'm both too old and too young for sports. When it starts getting competitive, the fun leaves it, so leave me out.

If you *must* exercise, do something fun for god's sake. What ever happened to walking for enjoyment or taking a dance class? Instead it's all about whether you ran ten miles or not. Boooooring. Hugo's not the only one with compulsiveness problems either. I'm not knocking moderate exercise- but once you've gotten up to 3 hours a day, give it a rest. Get a life. Chill out. There's so much more to life than numbers on a scale or how hard your pecs are it's not funny.

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