Saturday, July 16, 2005

Today me and mom went to a flea market. We mostly were trying to promote the real estate company she is an agent with. I was really shy and tried to hand out flyers despite my fear of going up to people and other people's suspicions. When I told a woman about the giveaway(free school supplies,etc) she said what I got to do. I just laughed and told her it was free. Although mom got some good leads- one from a woman from up north who was moving to our area- I credit myself with getting mom the lead because I noticed her saying "hush, auntie needs a house" to a kid and alerting mom. The other one was the husband of a school teacher who wanted the free supplies, but also needed to sell his house to a renter.

It was fun buying stuff too. I got two bows made from old timey fabric, some red gingham cloth for me to fool around with, lots of lipstick, and scarves. Mom got bath stuff(on my dime since tomorrow is her birthday), lipstick, inoffensive black movies(Are We There Yet? Barbershop 2) Meet the Fockers, and watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes. She wondered why I wanted the tomatoes, but you can never have enough local tomatoes, even if you have to make a lot of bruschetta , which by the way, mom thought was salsa. Crazy moms.

After that we went to the mall, priced a stove and I got Harry Potter.

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