Thursday, July 28, 2005

Instead of being productive, I will list why I hate people who exercise.

1)They make it more difficult to drink overpriced milkshakes at Starbucks. Yes, I know that a cream and caramel frappicino or whatever is a million calories. No, I'm not one of those bimbos who thinks that a glorified milkshake should be five calories. If you are on a diet, why do you want to drink this overcaloried crap anyway? What ever happened to carrot and orange juice?

2)They can find a way to make any physical activity competitive. You can say you walked around the block, and they'll say how many miles.

3)They don't understand the concept of lifestyle fitness. They don't ever just walk to the store or even walk to class- I see these people taking the shuttle or driving to class when it's barely any walk from their homes/dorms. On sunny days. But they'll spend a billion hours running on a treadmill. Get a life.

4)They taint any attempt to be healthy on my part. I'd love to take a nice class at my school's gym, but I don't want to pay money and then be surrounded by girls who don't actually enjoy movement but just want to look good while sitting outside in a bikini.

5)They'll probably drink a million cans of this.

6)They seem to be a continuation of this tragic trend, which annoyed me even when I was a kid. I was like you're 12, you're 80 pounds, you're not fat. It seems like all the I'm soooo faaaaat girls have grown up to become compulsive exercisers. I understand that some have underlying mental illnesses, but I want to be like shut up and eat a sandwich. And if you have a mental illness, get some fucking treatment. At least join a support group.

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