Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hipmama has a good FAQ.. Here's a little sample:
[Q]What do you MEAN, reverse racism doesn't exist?

[A]White people are raised to assume that anything in the world is theirs by birthright, and that other people are treated the same way as we are. The truth is that white people are given many things that POC are not - from jobs to smiling welcomes to the benefit of the doubt. When PWOC lose these things, the loss is often mistaken for racism or discrimination. Usually what is really lost is a piece of unearned race-based privilege, which white people are not used to functioning without

In other race news, P6 seems a bit despairing. Experience may wave a weary hand, but youth and zeal is determined to tell the white folk to go to hell for their blaming us for everything under the sun. And if they don't like that, they can kiss my black ass. Somehow this is very personally satisfying to type.

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