Sunday, July 24, 2005

Corky's ribs also make good tacos- just take them off the bone, shred and put your usual taco toppings on them.

In other news, I also have learned the utility of reading Professor Kim's News Notes. For example, I learned that due to the white definition of racism(P6 asked why we need to define terms- it's because many people have different definitions) instead of upholding Brown versus the Board and trying to integrate the schools, we have people worrying about whether a magazine says Black in the title. To reuse a cliche, this is conservative correctness at its finest. Instead of fighting racism, let's pretend that there's no such social construct as race.

Let's note here that school segregation is not in fact an inevitable fact of life. Here's an anecdotal example (from flea's blog, please visit the original entry for visual aids.) :

In the fall, Lisa would be going to public school, while I'd be attending Aiken Day School (the school in the photo), a tiny private school that had a large leap in enrollment from the mid-50's to the early 70's, from forced bussing through the Civil Rights Act.

Many white southerners in fact did take their children out of public schools and put them into segregation academies, basically private schools set up so that whites didn't have to *the horror* go to school with blacks. Enrolling your child in private school at great expense does not in fact just happen. In fact, there is also no way to accidentaly sell your house and flee at a realtor's insistence that the blacks are coming! The people who put their kids in segregation academies and chased after the white American dream of no blacks in our neighborhood are in fact the grandparents of today's 20 year olds. These people are not dead. Their children still survive, and teach the young whites of today the same horrible racial attitudes that have been passed from generation to generation.

This is why one needs to be aware of their history. To be able to see the past, and learn from mistakes, to be able to see the fallacies in the arguments of the historically amnesiac, you need to gain knowledge. You need to read. Books as well as blogs- blogs help bring attention to the issues, but books help you explore the issues in depth. I would urge everyone to support their local library. Knowledge for free is a gift denied to many. Don't waste it.

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