Tuesday, July 19, 2005

While hulling some purple hull peas(someone's coworker or neighbor always seems to have extra produce in the summer, so we always get the benefits), I had the displeasure to see Creflo Dollar's annoying ass. He was going on and on about how unnatural lust(i.e. being gay, having sex outside of marriage, eating food with high fructose corn syrup) takes you away from god, and can't be satisfied. Hey, maybe high fructose corn syrup(we're just not satisfied with sugar, y'all) makes you hungrier, but for some reason I don't see how gay or extramarital sex is anywhere near as addictive as he acts like it is. Maybe I just have too much straight privilege to tell, but gay people seem to act normal to me and don't seem to be full of uncontrollable lust.

Luckily I complained enough to get mom to change the channel. Score one for me. But here's the article that goes along with the sermon. I love how he has a product offer right at the bottom. Holy money making batman.

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