Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Warning: this post talks about my sex life. In detail. If you don't need to hear about that, please read something else.

I was reading Alas a Blog and someone commented that we don't explain ways for young girls to avoid pain during intercourse. Since I just first had proper sex(some months ago a guy got it part way in) a week or two ago, I think this would be a good time to give my advice. The thing is that I've always had difficultly with my vagina. Pelvic exams make me scream unless they are done using a child size speculum. But I managed to have proper sex with very little pain due to two factors: stretching and lube. Lots of lube. The lube helped the stretching too. The poor guy(let's call him MR) had to use a lot of lube to manually stretch my vagina and then a lot of lube to insert. And before all this he had to remember to give oral sex(and he managed to do it with pussy at full hairiness and only got one hair in his mouth. We should start dumping all guys who complain about hairy fucking pussies especially if they withhold oral) I only felt a little pain and very little aching. The last time a guy tried to insert his penis, my vagina hurt for a full two days. And that guy had a smaller penis than MR. So maybe this has been helpful, but probably not.

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