Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am fine. Today I was walking near Tavistock park or whatever, it was near the hotel tavistock and the cartwright gardens. I will figure out where I was later. Anyway, I was just walking by when something exploded. I saw everyone get down so I got down too. One of the people from my group saw me crouching on the ground and I was encouraged to get up and get into the University College Building the one that houses the psychology stuff and the geology stuff. The girl with her was crying so I thought she had been hurt. They were right there and thought the bus exploded and got upset. But apparently no one from our group is hurt. Some students are not here. We think they are hiding. We can not contact two teachers from our group. They may be hiding in their apartment or may be walking.

There are rumors of bombs on buses and suchlike. I will post with confirmed info later.

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