Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh yea, and I don't support women's choices to believe they are anime characters. Also, for fuck's sake, will people stop shooting real guns up in the damn air on new year's? You could kill somebody. Also I'd like to offend people, so I will be typing now. Like, is it me or are the realities of transwomen sort of distorted by porn's dickgirls and chix with dix? (is it me or do you never see transmen in porn?) and like, what's with transgendered people in prostitution? I really am worried it's more like "dude, I'm worried about my gender presentation putting me out of the running for a job/I got kicked out and have to live" and less like "Hey, I was going to be a doctor, but then this lady in the supermarket had a prostitution now, ask me how button and I had a new life's work".

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