Sunday, January 14, 2007

On page 185, for you people reading along at home, Dorner(I don't know how to make those dots above the o) summarizes his(?) main points. He says "we have seen people fail to formulate their goals in concrete terms, to recognize when their goals contradict each other and to set clear priorities". Now I'm going to complain about my 'enemies' while totally ignoring my own flaws. Now, post feminists drive me nuts! Their goals aren't very clear at all. They are all like feminism is about choices and supporting women. The problem is that those goals often conflict. Women may choose to bitch about those whores with their free welfare, complain about those baby abandoners who work outside the home,etc may feel more supported if we made all women stay at home and let all the single moms starve to death but yea, that wouldn't be very helpful for the majority of women. Of course, setting priorities is really hard- what's more important, defending your cute shoes or getting women to build up capital that they can use to create businesses? Another example- what's more important- disabling human trafficking or talking about happy hookers?

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