Saturday, January 27, 2007

More on "femininity: how it'll eat your brains". Somebody at twisty's place yesterday said rejecting femininity doesn't mean acting like a man and I totally cosign. Now, I'm all about reading sappy shoujo manga and crying (Oh, their love could never be, even though she helped him discover that snow becomes spring, because he turns into a seahorse when hugged by the oppisite sex! Oh what tragedy!) but I don't agree with the crap that femininity proscribes. Basically, it's that men are indivudals, who like different sports teams,prefer different beers, like blondes or brunettes, tits or ass better, but women? we all uniformly like romantic comedies, jewelry, high heels, and we don't care about boys we care about cars and money.

It's like we all have to work to be exactly the same, and I'm not going out like that, you dig?

Also, feminist is full of idiots. Because possibly being harrassed, raped or murdered is totally like the time that I got a free thai dinner because some dude thought I had good looks(he had bad eyesight). And the stupid continues in another post. *shakes head*

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