Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saving the world can be glamourous. Cue someone saying that little girls(and only little girls.) naturally pop out of the womb interested in 'glamour' that leads to jobs you can age out of such as model or porn star, and not interested in unglamourous math or science, which you get paid the big bucks for doing.

Random: Once, I met a lesbian feminist. Apparently they used to live near little five points and call people buckhead dykes and played softball. She wasn't against transgender people, I don't think?. Amy has a long post, and I say I disagree with the part about cisgendered folks. I think that it's just trying to say that there's not normal people vs those weird transgendered people, but that the rest of us have a position that we're from too. Like, I don't like all that girly crap, but I identify as cisgendered as I'm like fine with the status quo as far as my body is concerned! No need to change genders here! I also think that she should take out the part about the feminity and masculinity thing in the transgender defintion, because it's too's something. Anyway, I don't think they all want to be like traditional masculine or feminine.

Maybe they want to change the way to be masculine or feminine? I don't know about all that. People try to educate me, but I'm not working hard enough. Also, transwomen aren't really men in my opinion, because they get treated like women, which is to say, like crap. I think transmen are men, but it's like one of those discreditable identity things.

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