Friday, January 12, 2007

Fetish wear or not, this shit is just tacky. Oh yea, I was reminded that I was pissed off about world have your say on thursday On the show, this Iraqi lady was mad about how she couldn't get to college because of American troops, and these American folks were all like under Saddam you couldn't go to college, and all like, you should apperciate your freedom. The lady corrected them about the not able to go to college under Saddam part, but the idea that folks are supposed to be all grateful for us invading their country annoys me.

Also, apparently today's show was about how much black people suck.

Spotted Elephant works hard for reconcilliation, but are we really all natural allies? Like guys who always complain about us focusing on chick issues like day care and abortions I have a hard time agreeing with or feminists who are all like race issues aren't important. I may mock post feminists*, but I mock with love. Why? Well on the net, I'm controlled by my masculine side(concerned with whether things are right, argumentive, concerned with fun) not my feminine side(concerned with people's fee fees, conflict avoidant, concerned with work). This makes it very hard for me to be gentle and kind.

*post feminist- every single thing a woman does is feminist.

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