Monday, January 08, 2007

Somebody outside of LJ says that feminism is about choices. On blackfolk, solutions to workplace harrassment are discussed. One should read this thread. Jill recounts how social influence caused her to get fucked up ideas about weight. Society- it exists people. Also, in India, a woman fights against child prostitution. Also, prostitutes speak out on the BBC
Skin bleaching products were on the agenda for world have your say.

Also, more about transpeople. I say transwomen who are assholes will not be welcome to woman only spaces. Of course, born women who are assholes shouldn't be welcome either. I think we can still speak even if we're being called transphobic. We can simply ask why they feel that way and try to accomondate the nonassholes. Also, we all oppress each other(it's complicated- like I'm oppressing the poor by hogging resources, but white people are oppressing me by calling me the n word behind my back, but I'm oppressing the transpeople by being lazy and stupid, but the men are oppressing me by expecting me to do girl shit and women are also oppressing me by expecting me to do girl shit too, but then I'm oppressing the people in the third world by hogging their resources).

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