Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My moral superiority is class S!

In America, we've perfected the moral superiority contest. We talk about how hard we had it, maybe embellishing a bit- smooth over the help from the rents, the good health you enjoyed, etc- while beating others about the head about how they only worked part time when you worked full time while you were in school.

Instead of us all banding together, saying hey, this system isn't working for anyone, we make it into a contest of who can do the most before they break down and crack. But when we break down, who will catch us? We can't catch others from a place of superiority.

But everyone is losing out. The people who break down and drop out. The people who would have benefited from the creativity and talent of those who aren't strong but have something to say. The children who feel the stress of their caretakers. The employers that get lower quality work.

We're not machines. We're human. When we realize this, we can work for a system that everyone can do their best in.

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