Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From the Citizens for Progressive Transit ML:


I wanted to pass on info from the Downtown Transportation Management
Association. According to TMA director Heather Alhadeff, Downtown is
following Midtown Alliance's example by working with Flexcar
(, a company that does carsharing operations. They're
looking at Midtown and Downtown doesn't want to miss out on it. For
more information on Flexcar, see their web site, and for more info on
carsharing as a concept, see

I for one am excited, as I absoultely never drive and part of it is
that even if I only need a car for an hour, I have to pay like $60 to
rent from someplace like Enterprise. But with this, I can rent a car
for an hour, run out and pick up a piece of furniture or make some
weird late night appt. and not have to put out a lot of money.

Anyway, if anybody is interested in this local effort, I'd recommend
talking to Heather,, (404) 658-1877.

That'd be useful for me too. I don't need a car all the time, only occasionally. They should advertise this to college students very heavily.

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