Monday, March 13, 2006

Geh, there's one thing that I hate and that drives me mad, and it's the OMG, ONE GUY CALLED ME ANOREXIC ONCE!!! OMG, THAT'S LIKE TOTALLY OPPRESSION! thing. Dude, you eat a lettuce leaf for lunch and exercise four hours a day, and you're moaning because someone thinks you're too thin? If you were naturally thin, your ass wouldn't have a grey tone to your skin and look like a skeleton. I personally am naturally thin, but I have hips, so I'm not feeling your pain. If all you have to deal with is some misplaced snark because you get rewards from the culture, you're doing good.

Also, future stupidity watch. At feministe, zuzu is upset about pale people being made fun of. I bet in a few years, whenever we try to talk about racism, some stupid white chick will be like "But But.. SOMEONE ASKED IF I WAS SICK!!! THAT'S LIKE TOTALLY OPPRESSION!!!" Dude, yea, extra pale is a bit unusual, so you'll get some comments, but it's not that crucial. If it's a white person, talk about how their tanning ass will be so wrinkly, you can stretch those mofos out and they will reach to your toes. Also, try a vacation to England- in the middle of the summer ,all the white folks were so pale, they glowed. Fit in and see the historical castles and the English countryside.

Seriously, I think the trend will come around to pale again, and all the folks will be happy to let their tans revert back. But the trend never comes around to 'black'.

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