Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why Do I Sometimes Not Take Advice?

1)It's unrealistic. I have a 3.2. I can't go to Harvard grad school.

2)I already tried it before, and it failed miserably. And no, well, you weren't trying won't convince me to try again after whatever flaming disaster happened.

3)I can sense that if I don't succeed, you'll yell at me. Basically, your advice has strings.

4)It's stupid. Horribly stupid. Simply because it's your opinion doesn't make it right.

5)Your advice is really an insult. Your tone as well as your word choice contribute to this.

6)It's airy fairy bullshit that anyone with a brain knows is stupid and toxic. "You were sending out magic fairy waves of badness so that's why you have problems" is typical and disgusting.

These six reasons are why people are 'shooting down' your advice 99% of the time. Basically, listen to other people. See the context of the problem. And don't be an asshole.

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