Monday, March 20, 2006

You know what I can't stand? Well I tell you. People saying the 'healthy lifestyle' is in reach for everyone. Uh, no, it's not really sustainable, because it's basically an intensive hobby. It's nice if someone wants to spend their time tracking down healthy recipes and running around the neighborhood, but the insistence that the rest of us all have the same hobby is annoying, especially when they try to harass poor folks or people with kids, who may not have the resources to take up this hobby, even if they are naturally the type who loves that sort of thing.

Sometimes I eat 'healthy'(but no, I don't live on salads. My body has made that choice for me- I don't eat- I get crazy. And if my food has gone down to my toes, I'm upset) and I have to take cycling two times a week and I'm going to add in swimming maybe, but I don't go around insisting that exhausted single moms would all take up "Hey, what can I do with rolled oats and a pound of organic carrots?" and "let's spend 3 hours at the gym sweating off our makeup" if we gave them an informational pamphlet about it. People know about this stuff- it's not like they don't see the WORKS WITH THE SOUTH BEACH DIET on their food or can't thumb through a magazine or hear on the radio or hear on the TV about how [X] is the new superfood and [Y] will kill you, and if you're not rail thin, you're doomed, doomed I tell you. They may not know about how many hours upon hours of exercise you're 'supposed' to do, but how many of us middle class people actually do the exercise after sitting through boring classes on nutrition?

That's what I mean by it's not sustainable. How many people quit after a few months and go back to eating regularly and having fun instead of exercising? A lot,right? I think it's because in this society, health is not realistic. We can talk about how lazy everyone is if we want, but less work, better food availability everywhere,walkable neighborhoods, etc would do a whole lot more for our waistlines than anything else the diet and exercise obsessed can throw at us.

But then if all of us were healthier, then who would they bash?

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