Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Social Ideal?:

Mostly it drives me nuts. Our society is set up for my exact and total opposite. Take the emphasis on networking- this has nothing to do with whether you can do the work, but rather is a bias in favor of the friendly and outgoing. Not to mention the 50 million benefits that married and coupled people get socially- yea, so the rest of us people who don't meet the beauty standard in any way whatsoever, we're left out. Not to mention, you have to be good at math too- sure, it's ok if you make good grades in other subjects, as long as you have the ability to work 80 hour weeks and become a lawyer, but otherwise, you're made fun of by the math caste, who are oh so much smarter and better than us who do 'useless' subjects like psychology or whatever/

The most maddening part is that we imagine that everyone can gain these abilities. I'm not sure what would magically allow me to work 80 hour weeks- I have to admit that I can't take any illegal substances, due to the fact that my grandpa was an alcoholic,etc. I'm also not sure how I'm supposed to be outgoing when I simply am not at all, and get tired from all that emotional labor(I can only do about 8 hours per week now). Not to mention, do the whole beauty thing (I guess including plastic surgery as I'm never going to have thin thighs and hips) and work on being a girl without a lot of strong opinions(I don't think whether you look better in baby blue or white counts) who only cares about what celebrities do. Oh yea, and you need to exercise 4 hours a week too, and live on lettuce leaves.

Not to mention if you don't have money, you're a bad person in general, which leaves plenty of people fucked, since our society depends on people having money to get basics like healthcare. I'm not good at articulating this, but something seems to be wrong here, and it drives me nuts.

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