Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So in mentoring today, I finally got a mentee. She is very good at charades and will probably be in leadership positions as she gets older, as she is adept at bossing her peers around. I comentored with another girl and we had fun talking about careers and making a quilt square. I tried to talk about how my dad is a sales systems engineer but totally sucked, but at least the suggestion of a career in technology was made. Some of the other careers presented were cool, like window dresser or architect but we could have used more sci tech careers.

In the after mentoring talk session, the main topic of discussion was the alternative school. One of the mentees had been sent off there, and another might go for cussing out her teachers. The ISS teacher ,who had wandered in off the streets, informed us that the alternative school has ceased to be a deterrent because they send a lot of the kids there, and if everybody you know is going, hey, you'd want to be there,right? However it seems that today the school had caught fire and the students had to be evacuated. WTF?

We also watched a video on the Children of Rockdale County who need a good buttwhooping. The denial and stupidity of the parents was sickening. I'm sorry- but I don't think one of the girls' parents even punished her after she was caught having group sex by a four year old! Yea, so they all needed an asswhooping- and the whole society needs to bring down some consequences on their asses- one kid stabbed a guy and he didn't go to prison, wtf? We need to stop assuming violence and group sex is caused by poor black people, and punish white perps too. And some parents need to learn how to fucking parent for fuck's sake.

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