Monday, March 06, 2006

I was reading an article for class and found this striking. More later.

Among the inner-city[poor] students, 20% were
Caucasian and 80% were from ethnic
minorities ~31% were African American,
48% Hispanic, and less than 1% each were
Asian or another ethnicity!. Ninety-three percent
of students in the high-income sample
were Caucasian, less than 2% each were African
American and Hispanic, 3% were Asian,
and the remainder were of other ethnic
Demographically, the two groups were at
the extremes of SES in contemporary American
society. Based on data from the United
States Census Bureau’s 2000 Decennial Census,
the median annual family income in the
inner-city sample was approximately $27,388.
The estimate for our affluent sample was nearly
five times that ~$125,381!. Percentages of students
receiving free or reduced lunches in the
two cohorts were approximately 79 and 3%,

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