Friday, March 03, 2006

That's it- I'm fully sex skeptical! I've been pondering my position in the sex wars for a bit, and so my position is still soft- but I'm sorry, if someone beats and abuses you, it's not your fault. If someone seals your vagina shut with wax, that is probably *NOT* empowering. If a guy/girl/panda/whoever tricks you or coerces you into sex- also not your fault or your 'choice'. And no, Girls Gone Wild and Suicide Girls are not the greatest feminist lights of our generation. I feel good to get this off my chest.

Logically, I feel that being sex skeptical allows for a fuller exploration of power relationships. Instead of putting 'sex' behind the "we can't analyze this" barrier- we can see how sometimes even choices can perpetuate the partiarchy, and how power replicates itself, even if someone *likes* showing her vagina to strangers, this doesn't automatically make the walls of the patriarchy come tumbling down.

I'll make this analogy: I love anime. It's so much fun. However, simply because I like anime and choose to watch it doesn't make it feminist. So simply liking an activity- it doesn't make it feminist. You can still do it, of course. I have a slight feeling that hookups reproduce the partiarchy,but I can't articulate it.

Maybe it's a woman's biology- I don't know many women who genuinely get off on blowjobs and sex without much foreplay, but maybe I'm wrong. The drunk and emotionally immature don't seem like they know how to fuck, in my opinion. Maybe it's the fact that men are allowed more casual sex without as many repercussions- which leads to intrasex uh..sexism. The 'slut' or 'whore' is called such, because she is seen as cheating and/or lowering the opportunities for other girls to get their groove on in the competition for men.

So while girls are talking about who fucked a whole frat(and I'm not immune to saying sorostitute! You enable frat boys!) the guys are making out fine, and don't have any obligation to grow the fuck up. I have no solution to this problem, but I think that I should really drink a lot of the margaritas that I can finally drink.

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