Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More complaining about health nuts. I'd like them all to admit that they don't care about people's actual health. It seems more likely that they like to feel superior because they are 'healthy' or make 'good choices'. Why do I say that? When confronted with the idea that poor people or people with kids or lives or hobbies, might not want to live on weird food they've never even heard of or spend time running around for no reason, they simply say but in some random theorectical universe they could! I think the ones who evagalize(as I'm sorry to say, other people's health is none of your beeswax.) are not happy with their choices. I'm eating couscous for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs, or example. I don't try to force everybody to eat couscous for breakfast, because I like couscous, so I don't have to say my choice is better than someone else's to feel good about it or try to put a moral dimension where there is none. Not to mention that some may be going to work early and eating in places that may at best, have a little fruit cup, which totally isn't enough.

The lack of realization that everyone doesn't live as you do, with lots of extra leisure time and food choices, bothers me too. If we can't understand that somebody might not feel safe on their own street at night, or that their WIC doesn't allow them some choices(I look at the WIC thing near the register and am always surprised what it restricts), how can we understand say, foreign policy in places where they don't even have the same culture?

But the main thing I don't understand is why they feel entitled to hold court over something so basic to life. The church dinners with greens(the good Southern type) and fried chicken and red velvet cake somehow are supposed to be sacrificed to eating steamed broccoli and grilled chicken? Yea and right. A tired mom can't have a pizza night? Suuure. Instead of watching a movie, run around the treadmill? A 'healthy' lifestyle is devoid of life and color as the health nuts run it. I don't mind people who actually like exercise or who love to create healthy recipes, but if you don't, don't force yourself.

Find some exercise you like. Eat food that is full of life and color and taste. If you like your own lifestyle, you won't be trying to bother other people. And yea, it's a luxury. Not all of us have 'extra' space in our budgets that we can cut back for the healthy food. I can only maintain the food lifestyle I live because I am childless and parent dependent(like yea, I work sometimes, and have a business, but I don't pay the rent for my dorm room). If I was less privileged, I'd spend less time seeing what weird grains I can eat, and more time surviving. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't be taking a cycling class(my school requires me to take this dumb class for my physical fitness whatever) as I might not be able to afford even a nominal fee. So that's why I don't insist that everybody have the same lifestyle as me, as life is complex and people's situations are different. Not to mention, the whole emphasis on controlling your eating as a discipline for morality doesn't seem ok in the age of eating disorders.

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