Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid spring break stuff.

Of the 27 percent who said they had attended a college spring break trip:

_More than half said they regretted getting sick from drinking on the trip.

_About 40 percent said they regretted passing out or not remembering what they did.

_13 percent said they had sexual activity with more than one partner.

_10 percent said they regretted engaging in public or group sexual activity.

_More than half were underage when they first drank alcohol on a spring break trip

So basically, less than 14 percent of all college women even drank to excess on these trips, which really isn't that bad, and all the sudden all college girl are going wild? That's crazy. My school gave out novelty pens and brand name condoms(don't let the random guy you're fucking think you're a bimbo- have your college name on the condom wrapper!) which was a good response. Even the 13% isn't so bad if they remember to use condoms and are generally safe, and I bet most of that 10% are girls fucking their boyfriends on the beach. It's much ado about nothing, especially if they expect us to be shocked because some chick flashed her tits on the beach or danced on a table. Most of us have seen breasts before, you know?

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