Thursday, November 23, 2006

OMG! Cooking Mama for the Wii! In real life, the pecan pie won't gel, but I don't eat it anyway. I slept in (til 7 am) and so I didn't make the sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving.

ETA: I'm drinking chai style tea. Twisty is busy blaming the colonialist white supremacist patriarchy, and I'm glad she mentioned sweet potato pie, the true type of pie to eat, instead of that heathen pumpkin pie. Only white people eat that nasty ass green bean casserole I'd like to say. We are having sweet potato casserole(the kind w/ nuts on top,etc) for the next few weeks, and we had greens(but my grandma can't cook so she put okra in the middle of the greens mom worked so hard to make!), anyway, all much better than some green bean casserole. I really hate pecan pie, even though it is traditonal. I didn't have any turkey today, just ham, because my grandma cooked a turkey mom gave her and I totally don't trust grandma's turkey.

Another Edit: Now in food related coma. Send postcards to political prisoners,please.

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