Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1575 and done, but very unhappy about it. I forgot what I was going to write in this post.

Well, now it's a free post. Tekanji wrote a post about girl gamers. Girly girl gamers confuse me. Saying I game, and I'm hot! seems to me like me saying I'm a community agency psychology student and I eat tortilla chips!. And we care because? It seems like instead of just playing games for the love of it, they are playing into the stereotype that women don't have real hobbies or likes or dislikes, but instead do everything they do as a sort of advertising campaign for a man or to get cash. I'm not saying people who are like that are bad people- but it's really hard to take a woman seriously as a gamer or even as an adult when she devotes more time to talking about how she is totally hot! than actually talking about playing games. If you think I'm too mean, regender. How do you think a man who always posted about how he plays video games, but is hot and has a big cock and had a website promoting himself as a 'guy gamer', with little information about games, but much about how attractive he was would be taken seriously?

The next time on Shannon's judgemental hour- we'll be talking about how women are often duped into believing that behavior that no sensible person would consider adult behavior is somehow feminine and attractive.

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