Monday, November 20, 2006

The goons at somethingawful spend all their time looking at terrible,terrible websites. People who put their kids in child pageants are declared tools of the patriarchy. Why? Ok, look at this creepy ass photo:

Now, that's just creepy. (here's a whole website devoted to creepiness, and here's a film about creepy crazy child pageants on youtube.) This sort of thing is why I don't hold off on declaring things to be tools of the patriarchy. I mean seriously, I don't expect pageant mothers to read this blog and because I didn't call them tools of the patriarchy, lead a feminist revolution.

Even though women are oppressed, that doesn't stop a great many of them from looking around and saying "hey, I'm pretty happy with stuff the way things are". They aren't being forced to live shallow lives of dressing their kids in dumb outfits that cost too much just to spite the evil strawfeminist * who threatens to outlaw lipstick and blowjobs if they don't sacrifice their daughters to the pageant gods. No, their priority simply isn't the liberation of women. Their priorities are elsewhere. So why try to make a movement for liberation a movement for fun to accommodate these types?

*Maybe my foundations teacher is the strawfeminist. She wears sensible shoes, and by facial expression, I don't think she thinks shopping, but for fun stuff, not boring stuff! is a job.

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