Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shannon delights as Twisty aptly mocks an article about how this woman thinks that we fucking care about how she learned to forget feminism and love the weight watchers. I associate this sort of shit with white women because they think we fucking care. Hint: Nobody fucking cares about your dark night of the soul about nail polish or whatever.

Note: when I blame the patriarchy I'm blaming the 'really annoying system of sexism that oppresses women, although women can uphold it and be complicit with it".

Brownfemi is working hard to make us aware of the system of nation/state violence.
I like this sort of stuff, because it's not a bunch of women whining about how the mean mean feminists didn't give them feminist cookies for doing the same thing they'd do anyway, but are shouting on behalf of their sisters and brothers in other countries or in their community.

That's outrage I can understand. I can get why brownfemi is upset that people are being raped and killed in Mexico. That's power I get. I don't get why I'm supposed to be mad that a feminist writer said that some other lady put parka filling in her face(which goretex is), but I can understand why you wouldn't want people to get shot.

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