Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women had a conference call. I'd like to note that they somehow managed to get a lot of women of color on the line(like, I just got off, and they had brownfemi, fabolousa(sp? and apologies), me, jamilia(I may be assuming because of her comforting blaccent. Yes, it's weird but I always like that sort of accent),etc. And they also managed to mention women of color organizations and managed to get them to cosponsor(although I don't know the race of the organizers). I'm just saying it's not super difficult to include people of color in your political movement.

We heard about disturbing stories of women giving birth in shackles, of women arrested because they had unintentional miscarriages, of women dying because of court ordered caesarian sections. We also talked about environmental racism, the grey lines between pro choice and pro life,etc.(for my sake, I think the death of a fetus is sad, but I understand that sometimes it's either unavoidable, or would cause lots of problems for the woman's health(mental counts) or her existing children. I don't believe in bothering women about the reasons because every woman is different and how can I choose for her not knowing how her life is like?)

They want people to blog their summit: Atlanta from January 18-21, 2007. Also, the fact that brownfemipower says like and uses the words nation state in regular conversation totally gives me a girl boner. Sorry about that, femi. Maybe I should have said totally makes me want to engage in a romantic friendship, but that's even worse, isn't it?

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