Monday, July 23, 2007

Sailorman says something stupid because he is a troll. But here's a story I made up because of it. Sometimes people aren't on your team. I tend to want to be way surer about who I let on my team than others. The way I've been treated by white folks, the way I've seen other people of color treated by white folks, doesn't inspire trust in me. So if they get their widdle fee fees hurt because I didn't give them a medal and a blowjob for being born white, well they can just go fuck themselves. White people who understand that people of other colors have more important things to do than coddle them are my true team mates. The truth is that people of color will not always act perfectly. They'll get angry, they'll make mistakes, they'll be jerks. If you're only my team mate, if you're only my friend, because I flatter you, or make you feel better about whatever you do, no matter how bad, I don't want to be on your team.

White people can choose to be good people, no matter if some of us are sometimes angry at them. No matter what, you can choose to be a person who does what is right even if it's not popular or fun. If you don't choose to be that way, well, you suck. But it's your choice.

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