Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mothers and the childfree fight in comments. I am slightly on the mother side, despite being child free. I think that young boys should be out of women's locker rooms by age 11, though. There's a difference between a four year old thinking "boobies" and an eleven year old dealing with his new funny feelings and impending puberty. At that time, it's time to dress separately from your mama, I think, to prepare for teenagehood.

Why am I slightly on the mother side? While children are often annoying, I don't want anyone to be put out of someplace because they didn't have money for a babysitter. It's free for me to go places, but it costs money to pay someone to watch your kid.

The White Bear is good at writing, but I have some beefs. First, I can see why the women are focused on success. One of my life goals is to have health insurance. If being able to eat healthy food, go to the gym, and have health insurance were going to be fucked up by dealing with some guy who doesn't even know where the clit is, I wouldn't deal with him either. I like sex, it's fun and good, but I don't think it's that big a deal.

Folks harp on sex like it's supposed to be the center of your life, but seriously, how much time do we spend fucking in ratio to everything else we do in life? Another bit on the success thing- once you've seen people get into screaming fights over who needs $15, that sort of scares you straight. Not to mention, in TN here, we're having a baby boom and a marriage boom, but there's a huge amount of debt and worry going on that path, and plus, you have to find a suitable guy, too, and it's just a mess.

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