Friday, July 20, 2007

"Indeed, it is likely that the idea that the west has a 'culture' that produces 'practices' at all may seem foreign....Culture may be seen as something reactionary that exists in the nonwest. The west has science and the market instead". Beauty and Misogyny Shelia Jefferys p. 28

I agree. Our culture messes around with the genitalia of intersex children, but where's the outcry? It's all OMG, those barbaric brown people! Let's scrutinize their genitalia!

I also have a prelim trans thought. I think Jeffrys has mixed up being a transvestite[in which one does get a sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing, although I don't know if it is sadomasochistic] and being transgendered[in which one believes they are 'truly' the 'other' sex]. While I don't think surgery should be necessary to be considered the 'other' sex, there are still many things I don't understand.

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