Monday, July 09, 2007

Lulz, aspies don't exist.

Why does this ad have a picture of a kitty on it? I like kitties, but you're not allowed to sell them on etsy.

I wouldn't buy a used mooncup. I know people buy used cloth diapers, but I wouldn't buy a used menstrual pad. I might buy an extra one though(new of course).

Ebony magazine talks about the culture of disrespect. The better articles are in the magazine itself.

Naked black woman causes wank.[NSFW] I do reserve the right to judge your choices, though. I judge these nudes hot, but not a victory for all women everywhere, especially with Playboys support of the patriarchal dude culture, and inflicting the Girls Next Door on all of us.

Fuck the wedding industrial complex!!

Some lady freaks out on etsy.

Etsians struggle with Katrina.

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